2015 AFSA Recap


Golf Tournament 10/10:
BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems: Proud Sponsors of Hole #1

We had so much fun inviting participants to play our “Blasters” pipe game!  We met so many great people and enjoyed being a part of this event.   Make sure you participate next year, we will definitely be back.

IMG_0232Educational Seminars 10/11-10/12:
AFSA did a fantastic job of providing educational seminars that covered hot topics in the fire protection industry!

BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Piping Systems: Overview, Common Questions, and Compatibility

Don Townley, Global manager of codes and approvals with Lubrizol spoke to a full house about BlazeMaster piping systems for fire protection.    Townley gave an in depth presentation discussing the listings and approvals for CPVC, special circumstances, and chemical compatibility.

If you missed this event, please feel free to learn more here: https://www.firesprinkler.org/convention/seminars/afsa2015/  Password: Afsa2015

Contractor Liability: Around and Around we Go
Russ Leavitt, executive chairman of Telgian Corporation gave a presentation on contractor liability and prepared some helpful cautionary tips.  Here are a few of our key takeaways:

  • A claim is submitted…now what?
    • What are the damages?
    • Visit the site, inspect, and take pictures
    • Who is involved?
      • Get statements from personnel ASAP
    • 80% of claims are caused by freeze-ups and most often in areas where freezing temperatures are not as common (e.g. Texas, Arizona)
    • Record keeping & retention
      • Use forms that follow NFPA 25 requirements
      • Insure explanation of findings are provided
      • Be consistent
      • Be diligent on follow-ups
      • Make sure you are following most recent NFPA
    • Deposition testimony
      • Need to inspire confidence
      • Does is appear that training is a priority?
      • Need to prepare and rehearse


IMG_0275Live Burn Demonstration 10/13

The local fire department partnered with the AFSA to pull off a live side by side burn demonstration in the parking lot of the exhibit.   The BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems team was impressed with this portion of the event and believe it was a dramatic showing of how impactful the fires sprinkler industry is.   It was a great way to kick off the second day of the exhibit- giving true value to the lives that can be impacted by choosing to install a fire sprinkler system.

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