Florida Lawsuit Seeking Class Action Status Has Been Dismissed

A recent federal lawsuit that was filed on behalf of a class of Florida condo associations and building owners, against many members of the fire sprinkler industry, alleging BlazeMaster® pipe defects, has been dismissed. As you will recall, the plaintiff’s counsel made several predictions in media channels, press conferences and releases about the impact this suit would have on the non-metallic fire protection industry.

Four Things You Need To Know:

  1. The class action lawsuit, which was filed by lawyers at the firms of Colson Hicks and Siegfried Rivera, was dismissed very early in the proceedings, without a class being certified.
  2. The lawsuit was not settled. It was dismissed against all members of the fire sprinkler industry.
  3. With the voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s counsel’s press campaign and claims of a possible billion dollar verdict against the fire sprinkler industry have amounted to sensationalism.
  4. Our position has been and continues to be that properly installed and maintained BlazeMaster pipe and fittings provide safe and reliable fire protection. As the inventor of CPVC for use in fire protection systems, we are confident no other brand offers the advice and cooperation needed for the successful growth of your business than does BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems. We remain a product and company you can rely on, backed by a team of professional CPVC experts who educate the marketplace on proper installation, chemical compatibility, and codes and standards.

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