Seismic Bracing for BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems

BLR_longThe Eaton B-Line® series TOLCO™ fig. 76 and 77 branch line restraint system debuted in October at the American Fire Sprinkler Association Convention, and early results show installers have welcomed this new product which is designed and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed for both metallic and nonmetallic pipes. The Eaton B-Line series system is engineered to work seamlessly with CPVC piping systems such as BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems.

The product has several features that are ideal for use with CPVC piping and help achieve an overall lower installed cost. This seismic bracing system covers branch lines, working with BlazeMaster pipes one to two inches in diameter. Both the structural attachment and pipe attachment accept either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch all-thread rod as a brace member, which gives flexibility in design and installation as field conditions change. The system has no sharp edges to come in contact with the pipe and has flared edges at the point of contact to protect the pipe from scratching or scoring during installation.

The system works for both lateral and longitudinal restraint. Its unique design puts no compressive loading on the pipe during installation or during the life of the system. The braces are sturdy enough to hold a heavy load, but simple enough to be installed with one hand. Additionally, they can be completely preassembled, helping save time on the job site.

Eaton pioneered visual verification with its TOLCO™ seismic bracing products and the Eaton B-Line series system lets installers know when it’s been installed correctly. The bolt breaks off when it reaches the appropriate torque force, making visual verification easy for installers and inspectors and helping eliminate the need to use a torque wrench during inspection. This helps expedite inspections and helps take the liability off the contractor.BLR_02

The branch line restraint can be easily removed and repositioned if necessary and helps save time and labor.

Another time saving feature is that all of the rods can be precut. The attachments can be preinstalled and shipped to the job site, requiring less work on-site as well as accelerating installation.

The Eaton B-Line series TOLCO branch line restraint system finally provides a clear solution for BlazeMaster piping, helping save time and labor while helping to increase safety measures.

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