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Questions submitted by industry professionals and answered by BlazeMaster experts.

Can BlazeMaster pipe be run exposed in a shell office or building where the pipe is going to be exposed?

In order for BlazeMaster to be ran exposed it must follow the listing, which states it must be installed under a smooth, flat, horizontal ceiling with quick response sprinklers.  The deflector must be within 8 in. of the ceiling.   Please visit the manufacturers installation instructions for the detailed instructions: As long as you  follow […]

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How long is a manufacturer’s certification for installation valid and how often does one need to recertify?

BlazeMaster CPVC manufacturers do not certify. We do, however, offer a comprehensive, world-recognized training program that is unmatched in the industry. Our mechanical and technical excellence is demonstrated through an in-depth presentation, hands-on exercises and a final examination. Each attendee receives a training card and certificate to show inspectors on-site to demonstrate their training. We […]

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Is it possible to use CPVC pipe to protect the floor below in an attic that is completely filled with insulation?

If the attic requires a fire sprinkler system, BlazeMaster CPVC can be used with special sprinkler heads for this circumstance. If the attic does not require a fire sprinkler system, BlazeMaster piping can still run through to protect the floor below, but please follow the manufacturer’s listing. **Special heads that could be used in this […]

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Is it possible to mix BlazeMaster® CPVC pipes with metal pipes (i.e. large metal pipe into a small CPVC pipe)?

Yes, it is possible and is a very common practice. There are various fittings available with our manufacturing partners that allow you to make that transition. Please refer to NFPA section – When nonmetallic pipe is used in combination system utilizing steel piping internally coated with corrosion inhibitors and nonmetallic piping, the steel pipe […]

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